Customer Relationship Management

The CRM Dashboard

A CRM system is a junction between customer information and action.  

The Vizybility Dashboard is customizable and configurable, but always action-focused.   Following up on customer contact, active leads and deals and forcasting total sales vs budget.  The dashboard isn't just reporting, it's one place to run your day from. 

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our CRM platform is to use

Vizybility provides a beautiful and graphic way to view your inventory.  Tracking all aspects of the machines including rich media and descriptions.  Advertise at the click of a button to multiple platforms. 

Vizybility makes it easy to collect leads and convert them to opportunities and Deals.   Assign equipment to each leads and track the source of each.

Company Detail

Detailed Customer Data, blending active customers, prospects and others.  One place for the dealerhsip team to define and segment your customer types and industries for sales and marketing efforts.  
Vizybility is a first and foremost a comprehensive CRM equipment focused system for collecting important information about your customers and prospects. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, software helps you stay on top of information that is important for maintaining a good relationship with your customers.

Vizybility uses a strong data structure reflective of the real world in it’s relationships and in strong alignment with how Business systems see data. This allows us to integrate Vizybility with your ERP systems, maintaining synchronization between primary sources of record.

Since Vizybility is built for businesses in the capital equipment industry we recognize the B2B nature of your sales activities. Our strong data structure starts by recognizing Companies as the primary object, then we build from there.


Company, customers and accounts.  These are the organizations you works with.  With plenty of ways to segment them by types and industries for your marketing plans or billing


Contacts are people and there is a lot to know about them, to manage your relationship. We give you space to store that data.


Opportunities follow all your sales opportunities from start to finish through custom statuses and segmented by types


Just like your calendar, activities help you plan and execute your sales plan. In Vizybility you associate them with who was involved.


Leads turn into opportunities. Vizybility lets you collect leads from all channels and distribute them to the right people, creating new company and contacts.


Assets, Machines or Equipment. Regardless of what you call them, your business is focused on them and Vizybility lets you manage your inventory and customer fleets.


Advertising your inventory, rental fleet or customer consignment equipment is a major part of your sales and marketing push.  Vizybility makes it easy to send equipment info, descriptions, images, videos and supporting documents to a growing number of advertising websites.

Our Equipment Watch integration gives you live market pricing to make sure you're setting the right price.


Vizybility was built to integrated.  From our complete API to JSON advertising feeds, Mailchimp email marketing, VOIP phone systems and so many others.  We know it's important to have your data connected, so we connect into and can be connected with, easily.



Email campaigns and communications with your customers is a critical part of getting the word out on your business and the equipment you have for sale.

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