A Complete Service Management Module

Vizybility provides an end to end service management module. The work flow starts with inputs from inspections or accumulated backlogged repairs from multiple sources. The Work Order Module helps you plan and structure your repair work. With a segmented work order structure for clarity and to allow flexible billing. The Mobile app lets technicians see their open work orders and submit service reports and parts requisitions.

Work Orders 

Work Orders bring together all aspects of the service operation and create an overview of the work being performed and sets up billing
The Vizybility Work Order System is designed to help dealers of all size structure their service work.  

With inputs of requirements from multiple sources and a segmented structure to manage parts, labour and miscellaneous charges

Work Order Overview

Backlog Management

Backlog is an open list of all outstanding repairs for each machine.  These items come from inspections, the service techs in the field via their mobile app, sales reps in the field from the CRM mobile app or even your website.  
Collect all known issues with images, and add them to work orders to complete the work.  With the backlog system you have clear visibility to your work load
The yard and field team is an excellent source for backlog items, as they see the equipment frequently.
Don't text or email or call about a problem found with a machine, simple take a picture and add a comment.  The issue is added to the backlog list and supervisors notified.

Parts Requisitions

Parts requisitions let your technicians place parts orders/requests from either their mobile device or the main web application.  Requisitions are converted to parts purchase orders and applied to the work order.   

The Requisition system allows parts people to provide feedback on delivery times and issues to the technician and supervisor. 

Preventative Maintenance and Service Planning

Based on 20 years of experience in the service and contract management area of dealerships, the Vizybility Service Module is flexible and integrated to provide any dealer with fast, easy, detailed and powerful service planning options.   The Service Module can plan services and repairs for any and all machines registered in the Vizybility Asset database whether dealer inventory or customer fleet


Vizybility provides a system with machine or model specific service plans, allowing you to create detailed projections of operating cost and scheduled events


Service Events are scheduled and detailed services such as PM events, planned component replacements or expected repairs.  Each contains expected parts and labor for detailed costing


Each service event in the machine's service plan is scheduled and forecast.  This creates a detailed fleet plan of work requirements and an easy to execute PM program


Each scheduled service event is added to a work order and can be supplied with ready-to-go parts orders.  Completing the work order automatically schedules the next event


The Service Planning system can provide a forecast total cost for each machine or type.  Allowing you to price service contracts or rental rates with a solid Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


The Service Events module connects to the Inspection module, allowing you to assign customized inspections to the each service event.  

GPS Telematics Integration

Integrating OEM and Third Party Telematics data through AEMP 2.0 Protocol
The integration with your OEM equipment provider's telematics system is seamless.  It feeds current location and machine hour information into the Vizybility DMS system.  Now sales, rental and service departments have current information on each piece of equipment for billing and service planning.  Current hours drive the Service Planning system with accurate usage rates and scheduled service dates. 
OEM telematics integration with Location, Machine Hours, Fuel and Codes
Integration with third party telematics platfroms supporting AEMP 2.0 API protocol or custom API integration
In House available Orbcomm GT1020 and other telematics hardware options to reduce your operating costs.

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