Rental Contracts for your Inventory

Our new module helps dealers create Rental, RPO and ReRental agreements for their equipment.   Based on the core databases of the DMS modules and integrating our inspection module, the new rental contracts handle all the required transactions of an equipment rental dealers.  

The New Rental Module is designed with all the needs of heavy rents  dealerships in mind.  Allowing for all the situations that arise with long term heavy equipment rentals including delivery charges and site move charges, maintenance and repair charges, attachments and even rain days.  Any machine in the Assets database can be rented to your customers, you'll no longer have to create fake entries in your inventory just to send an invoice.  
Detailed Rental Contracts based on DMS customer information and Inventory Assets
Create reoccuring and one time charges on each contract
Flexible Cycle Billing, monthly, 28 day, or weekly etc
Rental invoice review and approval
Rental Dashboard, customizable to monitor all contracts and inventory
Intregration with Inspection and Work Order Modules
Realtime data on utilizaton with OEM and thrid Party Telematics
Rental Contract Module

Financial Integration

Vizybility is built to integrate with existing financial platforms.  If you're already using of of the many excellent on-prem or cloud hosted accounting systems like Quickbooks, Xero or Microsoft Business Central  our financial integration platform can create invoices and transactions directly.  

Most other Dealer Management Systems come with their own integrated financial platform.  These platforms are typically based on several generations old technology and not the primary focus of the DMS vendor.   Furthermore, transitioning to their platforms adds a major expense and distraction to your business during the migration.  

Integration With Quickbooks 

Intuit and Quickbooks continue to invest in their long standing products, both Online and Desktop.   we are proud ot be an early partner with Intuit on their new Webconnector 3.0 API interface for Quickbooks Desktop.   This new platform closely resembles the existing API interface for Quickbooks Online, allowing Vizybility to Pull, Sync and Push data in and out of Quickbooks.  

Quickbooks Integration

the Better Choice - Integration

Vizybility chose to address the problem of financial integration in a modern way.  Recognizing the existence of multiple excellent financial and accounting platforms in the industry.  These platforms have a continuous investment in technology and features keeping them up to date.  

We chose not to replicate this work but rather to use the APIs (Application Program Interfaces) provided by these platforms to integrate the financial transactions from Vizybility. 

Now you can keep using your existing accounting if you wish, and simply plug in Vizybility to automate and improve the functions you were doing manually before. 

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