Vizybility Training and Support

At Vizybility our goal is to meet the support expectations of our customers.  The dealers always go out of their way to support their customers regardless of time of day or the weather.  Our goal is to have the same level of responsiveness our customers provide themselves.  

Talk about setting expectations. 

The first part of support is good training, so, on this page we will expand our collection of walk through videos for all the current Vizybility Modules

CRM  Module

Adding a new Company

Start from the very beginning, adding a new company.  Companies form the basis of many aspects of the CRM and DMS.  Your customers are companies not accounts, and Vizybility let's you manage and add them as they exist in the real world, then initiate transactions

Adding a new Contact

Contact in Vizybility are real people, wether they work for companies or simply exist on their own.  Contacts sync with your email campaign programs, and link to your Calendar activities.  

Quote Module

Creating a Machine Quote

The Quote Module allows you to create multiple types of quotes.  In this video we create a Machine Sales Quote with an attachment and multiple pictures.

The Quote header defines the customer and the contact.  You can flat rate the whole quote, apply delivery and taxes.   The final product is a high quality HMTL quote that can be emailed directly to a customer. 

Inspection Module

Starting a new Inspection - On Mobile 

This Video covers starting a new inspection on the Vizybility Mobile app.  We create the inspection for  an asset in the fleet by starting from the Fleet list.  

Reviewing an Inspection

This video shows how users can review completed Inspections in the Web UI of Vizybility.  Noted problems found during the inspection can be logged for each machine using the backlog function. 

Work Order Module

Creating a new Work order

This video walks through the steps to create a new Work Order for executing work on an asset. 

Work Order Detail - adding cost items

The Cost Details tab on a work order allows you to record labour, parts and misc costs spent during the execution of a work order.  

Rental Module

Creating a new Rental Contract

A walk through of the Rental Module  contract creation.   Creating the contract, adding equipment, adding rental rates and overriding the default rates.  Create and print the contract document as PDF for upload to e-signature platforms. 

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