Dealer Websites - Comparing Machine Presentation 

How does your Dealership present it's inventory?

One of the Statements I have made repeatedly in this series is: “The average buyer does 85% of their research digitally prior to contacting the dealer” (Thanks @Charles Bowles).     What does this mean for dealers?   In the most practical way, it means “Call for details” is dead.     Providing information is critical.

In this blog I would like to get each of you to do some research.   Considering my statement above, which of the following websites or products would you feel ready to buy (assuming you needed it) based on the digital presentation of the product.

To get started I would like to look at the used passenger vehicle market.  This is one market we all have experience in, and one that has seen a radical change over the last 10 years.  It has also been an industry leading the Equipment industry by 10 to 20 years, showing where digital technology is going in the future.

First let’s look at Carvana and CarMax, leaders in digital sales, presenting the vehicles they have for sale.

Then Compare the Experience Here at a Toyota Dealer, which does a decent job, but is behind.

Notice how Carvana and CarMax highlighting issues to avoid surprises, providing delivery and a 7 day guarantee to handle risk and objections.

Which of these listings made you feel like you know enough about the vehicle?  It is a big step to buy your first vehicle without seeing it, for sure, but would seeing it in person really tell you more?  If you could not see it in person, which would you choose?  

Now let us look at Equipment, the topic we all focus on daily. 

Compare the following sites

1.      DeWitt Equipment Hitachi ZX-160LC-3, presented with images, 2 videos, details, and a PDF specifications document from Hitachi.

2.      Holt CAT 289D, presented with inspection report and report from Electronic Technician, specifications, and images

3.      Marcel Equipment CAT D6N – presented with images, detailed description and full repair and condition info.

4.      4Rivers CAT 320E, presented with 4 pictures and a short description


After Reviewing these different sites, which machines do you feel you “know” best?  Which one would you buy without seeing in person?  More importantly, which machine would you be ready to contact the dealer about, if you only contact dealers when you’re close to purchasing? 

When presenting your equipment on your website you have the greatest opportunity to present the machine fully, since you control your site.  You goal should be to present enough information to stop visitors from hunting around for more information.   You need to get them to stop scrolling or clicking,  call, contact, email etc. The best way to do this, is to answer all their questions. 

How would you change your website, to present your equipment better, with this in mind?

If you would like to review your website and look at how easily you can present your equipment with more detail, contact me   [email protected]  or (289) 680-6387

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